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Great Deals on New Tires in Woodstock

Of all the components that make up your vehicle, tires stand out as the most critical to safety, stability, comfort and performance. That’s why it’s important to replace them in a timely manner when they begin to wear. You can purchase a new set of tires at Eaton & Thompson Limited in Woodstock. From all-seasons that deliver confidence in any conditions to winters especially designed to cope with freezing temperatures, heavy snow and ice, we stock the right rubber for your ride. We can also recycle your used tires!

Tons of Options on Affordable Tires

Experts agree there is nothing more important than having the right tires. Unfortunately, finding the right tire can be a challenge. Fear not, our staff will help you choose a quality tire regardless of your budget. We sell new tires from reputable brands like Michelin®, Pirelli®, Firestone® and Cooper®.

5 Warning Signs You Might Need New Tires

When was the last time you inspected your tires? If your tires are showing any of the following warning signs it could be a good indication that you’re in need of a fresh set.

  1. Tread depth is at or below the wear bar
  2. Uneven tire wear
  3. Cracks in the sidewall
  4. Formation of bulges and blisters
  5. Vibrations


Get it Towed

Call us day or night for roadside assistance or accident recovery in Oxford County

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Schedule an Appointment

Is your vehicle sending you warning signs? Get an inspection at Eaton & Thompson Limited


Fill it Up

Engineered to perform better, Shell gasolines provide the best protection for your engine.

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